Until you put on a mask. you cannot imagine how amazing the underwater world is! 
Snorkeling can be done in the Medes Islands, with an instructor who will guide you and show you the flora and fauna of the natural park, or on the Costa del Montgrí, where you can go on your own after having some pointers about the equipment receive and area. 
In both cases we go by boat and the equipment is included: wetsuit, fins, mask and snorkel. 
We also have lifelines for maximum safety. 
And if you want to have a souvenir of this unforgettable moment, you can rent a Gopro underwater video camera right here in the center, the conditions can be found in our price list. 

REQUISITOS: All you need is to be able to swim and have a good time! 
You can practice from 6 years old, you must bring a bath and towel. 
If children are practiced on the coast without an instructor, children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 


TOTAL PRICE: To the Medes Islands with instructor: 30.00 euros  + 2,90€ tax
                             To the Montgrí coast without instructor: 20.00 euros


Are you up for trying diving?
The try dive or discover scuba diving is your opportunity to discover the underwater world in one day , where you will experience the first feelings of a diver . Meeting point will be at the diving center , 1 hour before the boat departure . First we will give you all the diving equipment , and after we will give you a short explanation about the basics of scuba diving ( aprox 10 minutes ). Then we will go to the sea by boat to do the dive in the coastal part of the natural Park Montgrí Medes baix Ter, 1 Instructor per person, to a maximum depth of around 10 meters. The duration of the dive will be around 20 minutes. This dive will be easy and comfortable, and you´ll be able to concentrate on fish, starfish , octopus, ...

PRE-REQUISITES: Able to swim , readiness to have a great time and filling up a Medical Statement you can download here.
                              You need to bring swimsuit and towel .
TOTAL DURATION: about 2 - 3 hours.

TOTAL PRICE:  72,00 euro
At the end of the dive , we will give you a certificate of attendance , that will allow you to have a 10% discount in your next diving step : the open water diver course . This course is described below .

Refresh Dive

A "refresh" is perfect if you have little experience and have not dived in a long time. We will do the basic exercises again and refresh the essential knowledge you learned during the course.
We have "Refresh" type trips every day on the Montgrí coast (with prior reservation).
- diving qualification
- Diving insurance (if you don't have insurance, we can give you one for € 6 / day or € 40 / year).
- medical certificate, if you do not have one, you can fill in a medical statement that you can download here.
Duration: between 2 and 3 hours
Price: 89 € with rental of complete equipment, guide and departure by boat included


The course PADI Open Water Diver is the first level of recreational diving. No previous experience is needed and you finish it you get a certification that allows you to dive around the world to a maximum depth of 18 meters.

The complete course consists of 3 parts:

THEORY : 5 chapters of theory . This part of the course , is done on-line at your home , with no hurry . You will complete the 5 modules , quizzes and final exam . Once you are at the diving center , we can clarify all your questions . You'll receive the on-line course at home , directly to your private e-mail.

TRAINING DIVES IN OUR POOL. We will start the course in the pool, and we will practice the basic diving skills, from setting up the equipment to clearing the water in your mask without the need to surface. During these dives in the pool , you will achieve the necessary skills to dive in the sea.

4 SEA DIVES + 1 DIVE FREE OF CHARGE AT THE MEDES ISLANDS ( BY BOAT ). During the 5 dives at sea , we'll practice all we have learnt in the pool. The first 4 boatdives , will be done at the Montgrí Coast , and the final boatdive will be at the marine reserve of the Medes Islands .

- Theory and course manual on-line.
- Pool dives.
- 5 boat dives .
- Full equipment during the course .
- dive insurance during the course
- Certification fees

PRE-REQUISITES: Minimum age is 10 . Ability to swim and a fill up a Medical Questionnaire that you can download here.

MINIMUM DURATION : 4 days ( if you have done the theory on-line ).

PRICE: 440,00 euro 

If your purpose is to enjoy nature and practice an exciting sport, this pack is for you!


The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course includes 6 boat dives ( 5 Specialties ) . Normaly , we do the following specialties : deep dive , navigation , naturalist , buoyancy and control , nitrox . All have a theory part , that is done at the diving center . You will complete the modules and knowledge reviews.

THE PADI Advanced Open Water Diver COURSE INCLUDES:
- Theory .
- Boat dives.
- Certification fees.
- all diving equipment , if needed .

DURATION : 3 days .

PRE-REQUISITES: PADI Open Water Diver certification , diving insurance ( we can contract one for you ) and fill up a medical questionnaire that you can download here.

PRICE: 370,00 euro

If your purpose is to enjoy nature and practice an exciting sport, this pack is for you!


Thanks to diving with enriched air (Nitrox) you can lengthen the no decompression times and shorten the surface intervals. It has many advantages, especially when you do several dives in one day.
To enjoy them you have to train as a Nitrox diver and learn their peculiarities, since there are also limitations and risks that it is very important that you know.
- online or face-to-face theoretical training
- teaching materials
- certification

REQUIREMENTS: Open Water Diver or equivalent
PRICE: € 100

Rescue Diver PADI

The RESCUE DIVER COURSE , includes skills and abilities needed to prevent a great deal of potential diving problems and incidents as well as to offer the most effective management ability in the event of different types of complications. During the course (anular aquesta frase).

The course has two parts:

THEORY. Theory is done online first and then at the diving center . We work on self-rescue, on acknowledging and managing stress in other divers, on gear, on emergency management.
PRACTICAL SESSIONS. Pool and open water dives during which we practice different techniques to assist tired divers, panicked divers, passed out divers ... . Two different accident scenarios with which we practice the whole chain of decisions and actions required in a real situation.

- Presencial and online theory
- Pool or open water dives
- Certification application and processing

DURATION: 4 days

REQUIREMENTS: Diving Insurance (which we can process for you if you prefer)
Medical questionnaire that you can download here,
First Aid and CPR Certification ( maximum 2 years old ) . If you don´t have this course , we can provide it for you doing the EFR PADI course .

PRICE: 380,00 euro 

EFR PADI course

The Emergency First Response course , will give you all the abilities needed to provide first aid assistance / CPR . This course is not only valid for diving , it will we also very useful for your daily life .

PRICE: 135,00 euro. 

PADI Specialties

With PADI specialties we give you the opportunity to deepen and improve on the aspects of diving that interest you most.

We offer the following specialties:

PADI Grouper Diver Specialty* (at Unisub only!)
Do you know the king of the Medas, Montgrí and Baix ter Natural Park? With this course you will obtain basic knowledge of marine biology so that once the course is finished you will be able to identify groupers, recognize their behavior, habits and characteristics within the Protected Area of the Medes Islands, while at the same time you will learn adequate techniques to carry out a safe and environmentally friendly diving.

Dive Against Debris*
You, as a diver, can make a difference in each dive by activating the citizen-scientist in you. During the Dive Against Debris Diver Specialty course, you'll learn how ocean plastic and trash cleanups not only keep your local dive sites healthier, but also how to contribute to a global database documenting our marine debris problem in the planet.

Underwater Naturalist*
What do you think would be more fun, going to a party where you don't know anyone or going to a party where you know everyone? Possibly the second option is much more fun. The underwater naturalist specialty will allow you to learn more about symbiosis, underwater ecology, and habitats of aquatic animals and plants, you will observe behaviors and see creatures that you may not have noticed before, so that each dive you make will be like throwing a party with your friends. 

Project Aware*
The Project AWARE specialty course is an introduction to Project AWARE as a global movement to protect the oceans. It focuses on and promotes the 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean World. Through interactive discussions, you'll learn how you can make a difference to protect the ocean every time you dive or travel. Of course, this specialty is ideal for divers and non-divers alike to understand how decisions made both above and below the surface affect our aquatic environment.

PADI Deep Specialty
PADI Navigation Specialty
PADI O2 Provider Specialty
PADI Scooter Specialty
PADI dry suit specialty
PADI Adaptativ Support Diver Specialty
Project Aware Specialty*
PADI Delayed Surfaced Marker Buoy Specialty

* included in the Green Pack

Prices, duration and requirements are different for each specialty, send us an email and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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